The Cocoon is a turbulence of memories, in a continuously stream directed out words, on the same time being loaded with knowledge and experience which was collected over cycles of generations. The memories of that which has been and which is now, is recollected in the sculpture.

The movement is concentrated and impacts the sculpture spatial which mimics the physical body. While entering the experience of gather one self, with courage and becoming wrapped in a material space, in a shape of a cave, a dark space which differs the many layers , the one in the cocoon enters the presence of void.

The sculpture is devoted to the memory of the body once it has been destroyed and had become irretrievable, it became representable from the most archaic memory of body experiences to the most urgent response to a representationed crisis in the present. The industrial waste materials which are being used and recycled in the sculpture answering individual and collective demands. A newly discovered dimension of industrially formed spatialy.